Sunday, February 19, 2012


Test, testing, testeando, probando

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Vote For Bart Pair As The Next Internet Millionaire

John Chow dot Com reader Bart Pair has entered Joel Comm’s Next Internet Millionaire contest. Bart is trying to win an all expenses paid trip to the world’s first Internet based reality show. If all goes well, Bart will win the $25,000 cash and get an opportunity to make a million dollars doing a joint venture with Joel. To enter the contest, Bart has to make an audition video and get people to vote for him. Public opinion counts for approximately 50% of the total score to make it to the next round.

Bart could have sent me an email asking for help getting votes and I likely would have done so because it would be really cool to have a reader win. However, Bart didn’t take that route. Instead, he ordered a ReviewMe review to make sure I get the word out. That tells me that Bart is very serious about this competition and will do whatever it takes to win. I wonder if any of the other competitors are spending money on their promotion.

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New CDMA phones from Samsung coming to Alltel, Verizon

Samsung, the all-things-CDMA handset maker du jour these days, will be introducing new handsets to CDMA carriers Alltel and Verizon soon.

The two new models - the R510 and U540 - look identical to existing handsets offered from other carriers like the T-Mobile Trace and the Sprint A500. Both, both of these are packing CDMA innards in ultra-slim form factors.

Netscape backstage on the "Heroes" set

Netscape anchor Ryan Budke found himself on the set of NBC's hit Heroes (it probably wasn't as accidental as that), with a video camera and complete access to actors and producers and shenanigans and stuff.